Community-Centric Vanilla-Rollback Access, or: How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love My Computer

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  • Breno de Medeiros
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This is a story of Alice, and she just got transferred to a new department. She was warned not to use a computer system but since it looked familiar enough, I mean, a computer system is just another computer system, she of course didn’t read the manual, she probably wouldn’t be holding the job if every time she needed to learn something else she had to look at the manual. So the address book has a very different feature, it has something called a trusted circle, and because it was the first time that Alice was learning the software, she was prompted to add persons to her circle of trust, so she decided to add her friend Marla, but she didn’t try to find out what that meant very carefully. She got an interesting message like this, this is the only member of your trusted circle, to have access to your computer files, OK. She didn’t know what to do so she just continued, she was very busy on her first day of work, the following day she realises that with all the changes she doesn’t remember her password anymore, and it is now time to contact the sys admin, and she hates to do that, because the sys admin is not very user-friendly. So she tries to guess the password, I guess all of us have one time forgot the password and tried to guess it. She logs in, but nothing is in her file system, she has no email inbox, her files have vanished, OK, so she is in a limbo. She logged in apparently, she didn’t get any error messages, but nothing that she expected to see actually took place.


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