Applications of Conducting Polymers

Part of the Monographs in Electrochemistry book series (MOEC)


For practical reasons, electronically conducting polymers that can be prepared from cheap compounds such as aniline, pyrrole, thiophene and their derivatives by rather simple chemical or electrochemical polymerization processes attract the greatest interest. However, redox polymers are also applied in special cases, such as in biosensors or electrochromic display devices. The most interesting property of intrinsically conducting polymers is their high—almost metallic—conductivity, which can be changed by simple oxidation or reduction, or by bringing the material into contact with different compounds. Conducting polymers usually have good corrosion stability when in contact with solution or/and in the dry state. Furthermore, such polymers can be deposited from a liquid phase, even in complex topographies. Their chemical, optical, electrical, magnetic, mechanic and ionic properties can be switched via the redox process and the intercalation of anions or cations. These properties can be varied by changing anion size and preparation techniques, e.g., by including other chemical species. Polymers with special characteristics, such as wettability, optical or membrane properties, can be applied in special systems (e.g., displays) or in for specific processes (e.g., the metallization of holes). Such polymers can therefore be grouped together according to their technological field of application, such as energy technology or sensors.

Keywords: Thin film deposition and microstructuring - Antistatic coatings - Microwave absorption - Microelectronics - Electroluminescent and electrochromic devices - Membranes and ion exchanger - Corrosion protection - Gas sensors - Electroanalysis and biosensors – Rechargeable batteries - Supercapacitors - Photovoltaic devices - Artificial muscles - Electrocatalysis


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