The spread of viruses and worms has severe implications on the performance of virtually any network. Current methods to stop the propagation of malicious code rely on anti-virus signature recognition to prevent hosts from being infected. Unfortunately, the latency between the introduction of a new virus into a network and the implementation/distribution of a patch can be significant. Within this period, a network can be crippled by the abnormally high rate of traffic generated by infected hosts. Previous research has provided a mechanism for controlling the rate at which a host can make new network connections when exhibiting virus-like behavior. Extending this technology to network routers provides the benefit of network protection without the need for individual client support, and serves as an initial step in developing a virus-resilient network. This paper/presentation reflects on the unique challenge of adapting the Virus Throttle mechanism to HP ProCurve network switch routers. Also discussed is the method of proving that it works in realistic network conditions to protect against worms without interfering with normal network traffic.


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