A New Modeling Paradigm for Dynamic Authorization in Multi-domain Systems

  • Manoj Sastry
  • Ram Krishnan
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 1)


The emergence of powerful, full-featured and small form-factor mobile devices enables rich services to be offered to it’s users. As the mobile user interacts with multiple administrative domains, he acquires various attributes. In such dynamic usage scenarios, attributes from one domain are interpreted and used in another domain. This motivates the need for dynamic authorization at the time of interaction. In this paper, we investigate the requirements of multi-domain interactions and explore a new paradigm for modeling these requirements using the UCON model for Usage Control [5]. We propose extensions to UCON in order to accommodate dynamic authorizations requirements.


Authorization Multi-domain UCON Attribute-based Access Control 


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  • Manoj Sastry
  • Ram Krishnan

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