Ambient dose equivalent meter for neutron dosimetry around medical accelerators

  • N. Golnik
Conference paper


A dose equivalent meter based on a recombination principle has been designed for routine measurements of ambient dose equivalent in mixed (gamma + neutrons) radiation fields outside the irradiation fields of linear medical accelerators. Two recombination chambers serve as detectors. Four different voltages are sequentially applied to the chamber electrodes and the ionization current values are measured for each voltage. The absorbed dose rate and ambient dose equivalent are calculated in real time, taking into account the dependence of the initial recombination of ions on linear energy transfer (LET). Tests at 15 MV Varian Clinac 2300C/D accelerator confirmed that ambient dose equivalent of mixed radiation in clinical conditions could be determined with accuracy of about 10%


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  • N. Golnik
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  1. 1.Institute of Precision and Biomedical EngineeringWarsaw University of TechnologyWarsawPoland

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