Odense Fjord and Kerteminde Fjord/Kertinge Nor

  • H. U. Riisgård
  • M. H. Jensen
  • N. Rask
Part of the Ecological Studies book series (ECOLSTUD, volume 197)

Odense Fjord (Table 16.1) is a shallow Danish fjord affected by freshwater and nutrient discharges from a large catchment area (1,060 km2) dominated by agriculture. In contrast, the nearby Kerteminde Fjord/Kertinge Nor (Table 16.1) is a shallow fjord system with a small catchment area (36 km2) and consequently small freshwater discharges, and where the water exchange and nutrient dynamics are greatly affected by density-driven currents caused by frequently changing salinities in the Great Belt. In both fjord systems, filter-feeding macro-invertebrates play a significant role in the biological structure as will become apparent from the two case studies detailed in this chapter.


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