Plasma Membrane Redox Systems: Lipid Rafts and Protein Assemblies

  • Sabine Lüthje
Part of the Progress in Botany book series (BOTANY, volume 69)

Electron transport processes are mainly associated with photosynthesis and respiratory chain. Nowadays the occurrence and possible roles of electron transport systems in plant plasma membranes appear well established. Besides quinones, NAD(P)H dehydrogenases, and b-type cytochromes have been purified and characterized in detail. Members of the flavocytochrome b family have been identified by nucleotide sequence analysis in several plant species and shown to be involved in iron uptake and oxidative stress including biotic interactions, abiotic stress factors and plant development. Recent work supports not only the existence of microdomains (so-called lipid rafts) in plant plasma membranes but also the occurrence of redox systems therein. Furthermore participation of plasma membrane-bound redox enzymes in protein—protein interactions and high molecular mass protein assemblies has been suggested. For this reason it is the aim of this overview to summarize the current knowledge about plasma membranebound redox systems with a special focus on their possible structures and functions, their occurrence in lipid rafts and their participation in protein assemblies.


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