EH*RS: A High-Availability Scalable Distributed Data Structure

  • Xueping Ren
  • Xianghua Xu
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EH*RS is a new high-availability Scalable Distributed Data Structure (SDDS). The file structure and the search performance of EH*RS are basically these of EH*. It gets high availability based on record group and Reed-Salomon erasure correcting coding. EH*RS remains all data available despite the unavailability of any k ≥1servers by storing the additional information: the parity information. The value of k transparently grows with the file, to prevent the reliability decline. The storage overhead for the high-availability is small. The example shows that EH*RS file performs as expected. Finally, the scheme of EH*RS provides new perspectives to data-intensive applications (DBMSs), including the emerging ones of grids and of P2P computing.


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  • Xianghua Xu
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  1. 1.Institute of Software and Intelligent Technology, Hangzhou Dianzi University, Hanghzhou, 310018China

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