Globally, chemical industry realized revenues of 1,776 billion Euros in 2004. The European Union is the world’s largest producer of chemical products with a 33% share of global production and with revenues of approximately 140 billion Euros. Germany, where chemical industry represents approximately 10% of total industrial output, holds the third rank surpassed only by the United States and Japan. Additionally, both the world’s largest chemical company BASF and the world’s largest specialty chemicals company Degussa are headquartered in Germany. While worldwide chemical production is concentrated to a few countries (the top 10 countries represent more than 70% of global production), the industry is nevertheless truly global from an operations perspective. On the one hand, international trade represents more than 40% of global revenues. On the other hand, major chemical companies typically operate numerous production sites in all major economic regions of the world. With 124 billion Euros in 2004, the revenues generated by the international subsidiaries of German chemical companies almost equal the revenues generated from domestic operations.1


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