Negative Refraction of Electromagnetic and Electronic Waves in Uniform Media

  • Yong Zhang
  • Angelo Mascarenhas
Part of the Springer Series in Materials Science book series (SSMATERIALS, volume 98)

We discuss various schemes that have been used to realize negative refraction and zero reflection, and the underlying physics that dictates each scheme. The requirements for achieving both negative refraction and zero reflection are explicitly given for different arrangements of the material interface and different structures of the electric permittivity tensor ε. We point out that having a lefthanded medium is neither necessary nor sufficient for achieving negative refraction. The fundamental limitations are discussed for using these schemes to construct a perfect lens or “superlens,” which is the primary context of the current interest in this field. The ability of an ideal “superlens” beyond diffraction-limit “focusing” is contrasted with that of a conventional lens or an immersion lens.


Photonic Crystal Electronic Wave Evanescent Wave Spatial Dispersion Negative Refraction 
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  • Yong Zhang
    • 1
  • Angelo Mascarenhas
    • 1
  1. 1.Materials Science CenterNational Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)GoldenUSA

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