Many Atoms in a Cavity II: Quantum Fluctuations in the Small-Noise Limit

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We proceed now from the macroscopic theory of the previous chapter to the analysis of quantum fluctuations for many atoms in a cavity. The program is similar to that of Chap. 8, where the phase-space approach to the quantum theory of the laser was developed; we work from a master equation to a Fokker–Planck equation with the help of the system size expansion. The treatment therefore is restricted to the small-noise limit. Recall, though, that the collective dipole coupling may be strong-√(Neff)gmax >> ½(κ+γ h /2)- while the dipole coupling of the individual atoms is weak-gmax<<γ h /2, κ; thus, collective vacuum Rabi oscillations may appear, even for a system size parameter nsat = γγ h /8g 2 max>>1.


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