The higher dimensional plateau problems

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Until recently, no general results had been obtained concerning the existence and/or differentiability of the solutions of parametric problems in more than two variables. The greatest single stumbling block was the non-existence of a useful generalization of a conformal map to higher dimensions. Now, by imitating the proof of the author’s old con-formal mapping theorem (Morrey [3]), one can prove that a “non-degenerate” Fréchet variety of the topological type of the v-ball (i.e. a Fréchet variety which possesses a representation on \( \overline {B\left( {0,1} \right)} \) in which no continuum is carried into a point) which possesses a representation of class H v 1 [B(0,1)] possesses such a representation which minimizes ∫|▽z| v dx among all such. However, one can not conclude that B(0.1) the value of this integral ≤C · L[z, B(0,1)] or even that L [z, B(0,1)] is given by the area integral for such a representation. So the methods which had been successful in the two dimensional problems did not lead to results in the higher dimensional cases.


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