Near-the-surface instability. Problems for semi-restricted regions

  • A. N. Guz
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By near-the-surface instability in the three-dimensional theory of stability of de-formable bodies is implied the loss of stability near the body surface when the amplitude of the mode of stability loss quickly attenuates with moving from the surface. Near-the-surface instability can be assumed to occur in the immediate vicinity of the bounding surface and to weaken with the distance from it. For the first time this phenomenon was noticed by Biot [88] who investigated near-the-surface instability of incompressible elastic half-plane. Later it was studied in [13] and some other papers as applied to orthotropic elastic compressible medium considered within the scope of TLTDBS. The results on near-the-surface instability of half-plane, half-space and cylindrical cavity with circular cross-section in the infinite space for elastic and elastoplastic bodies as well as for bodies with rheological properties are expounded in the monographs [20, 22, 36] and some journal papers, reviewed in the surveys cited in the list of references to this book.


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