Possibilites and Limitations Offered by the Technique Used in the Investigation

  • The possibilities and limitations of the phonetograms, electroglottograms, electroglottography combined with stroboscopy, fundamental frequency, and register analysis are discussed.

  • Phonetograms are called the audiograms of the voice; the dynamic ranges in decibels are compared with their total frequency range.

  • Electroglottography is an online quantitative measurement curve of vocal fold closure, based on a high-frequency current of low intensity through the larynx (qualitative also in high speed films with kymography).

  • The stroboscopic procedure is supplemented with electroglottography, especially to define the point where the vocal cords close.

  • As the closing point is well defined, electroglottography is a good measure for fundamental frequency changes in children and during puberty at the laryngeal level.

  • Register changes in pubertal boys were measured with electroglottography and acoustical measurements. The results have been documented with high speed films.


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