Implementation of the General Framework: Genetically Modified (Cry1Ab) Maize Case Study1

Part of the Risk, Governance and Society book series (RISKGOSO, volume 15)


1This chapter works through the case of placing on the market for consumption as food (not cultivation or feed) of Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) Cry1Ab transgenic Zea mays in order to demonstrate how the food safety governance framework introduced in the earlier chapters of this book could be implemented. It does not make prescriptive judgements regarding decisions that the respective institutions should make (e.g. around terms of reference, screening criteria or assessment outcomes), however it explains the mechanisms through which each of these stages would be executed, suggests possible results at each of these junctures and explains the potential consequences in terms of subsequent stages in the governance framework.

Bt maize is among the first generation of genetically modified foods that were submitted for regulatory appraisal within the European Union (as early as 19942), and several events have received food safety clearance from EFSA. It is maize that has been...


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