Today’s Radiology Student: What Every Radiology Training Program Director Needs to Know

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Imagine that you have left a meeting with the Chair of the Radiology Department. Somehow you were persuaded to accept a new role as Director of Radiology Training. What exactly have you just agreed to? Feeling both apprehension and excitement, your mind begins to explore what you know and what you do not know about this role. You are certainly familiar with the position itself — after all, you are a radiologist, you have been a resident, and you have watched your colleague in another hospital serve in the role for the past 5 years. Now it is your turn. You make a mental note to visit the outgoing Director and find out what support and resources are in place that you need to become aware of in order to prepare for this new role. Since all programs have a residency, you consider that you will likely receive some direction from the Postgraduate Education (PGE) Office. Since all medical academic centers in Canada offering radiology programs are accredited by the same governing body (The Royal College of Physicians of Surgeons of Canada), you know that you will have provincial and national counterparts to call on for advice. You feel at once both overwhelmed and comforted by this thought and begin to wonder where you are going to find the time for all of this “networking” when you still have your own clinical work to do. You take a deep breath. You refocus on the various teaching hospitals within your own network, and you quickly recognize how important it will be to have a strong site director at each site that you can count on. In a very busy teaching hospital, you will need everyone to contribute to the academic mission through teaching rounds, reading cases, or offering weekly afternoon academic sessions. At the same time, you have to provide leadership to radiology residents who come with knowledge, skills, and values that are somewhat different from those shared by their predecessors. What are these differences and how can you leverage them to result in positive learning experiences? What exactly have you just agreed to?


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