MARWIS: A Management Architecture for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks

  • Gerald Wagenknecht
  • Markus Anwander
  • Torsten Braun
  • Thomas Staub
  • James Matheka
  • Simon Morgenthaler
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 5031)


In this paper we present a new management architecture for heterogeneous wireless sensor networks (WSNs) called MARWIS. It supports common management tasks such as monitoring, (re)configuration, and updating program code in a WSN and considers specific characteristics of WSNs and restricted physical resources of the nodes such as battery, computing power, memory or network bandwidth and link quality. To handle large heterogeneous WSN we propose to subdivide it into smaller sensor subnetworks (SSNs), which contains sensor node of one type. A wireless mesh network (WMN) operates as backbone and builds the communication gateway between these SSNs. We show that the packet loss and the round trip time are decreased significantly in such an architecture. The mesh nodes operate also as a communication gateway between the different SSNs and perform the management tasks. All management tasks are controlled by a management station located in the Internet.


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  • Gerald Wagenknecht
    • 1
  • Markus Anwander
    • 1
  • Torsten Braun
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  • Thomas Staub
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  • James Matheka
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  • Simon Morgenthaler
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  1. 1.Institute of Computer Science and Applied MathematicsUniversity of BernSwitzerland

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