The Seventies

  • Alberto Martelli
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I arrived in Pisa at the beginning of 1968, after getting my degree from the Politecnico of Milan. At that time Antonio Grasselli was moving from the Politecnico of Milan to organize the new curriculum in Computer Science at the University of Pisa, and wanted to create a research group there. The group was established at the Istituto di Elaborazione dell’Informazione (IEI) of the National Research Council, and included initially Giorgio Levi, Ugo Montanari, Franco Sirovich and myself.

The initial research activities of the group were in the area of image processing, but, after a couple of years, the group, which in the meantime had been joined by Gigina Carlucci Aiello, decided to modify its main research topic. Our conclusion was that Artificial Intelligence was a new and more challenging area, allowing to combine theoretical aspects with problems of practical interest, and we started to redirect our research towards the topic. In those years, all of us spent long periods in the USA, and this gave us an up-to-date view of the main research themes, and allowed to establish international contacts.


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