Ugo Montanari and Software Verification

  • Gian-Luigi Ferrari
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The great honour of introducing the Chapter on Software Verification for the Festschrift dedicated to Ugo Montanari brings to mind a very personal memory. I was a young Ph.D. student and I was discussing something with Ugo, or better I was learning something from Ugo about how one could apply the abstract notions of category theory in order to understand better the problems raised from concurrency and synchronization. At a certain point Ugo wanted to interrupt our talk because a seminar by Jaco de Bakker on the denotational semantics of concurrency by metric spaces was about to begin. I was very familiar with the works of de Bakker having studied them for my Laurea thesis under Ugo’s supervision. Following my request to continue our discussion, Ugo replied, “Let’s go to the seminar. We can always learn something listening to de Bakker”.


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