Infrastructure Developments for Europe


This chapter deals with the main present and planned infrastructures that could be relevant for the EU. Europe is facing something of an infrastructure challenge: to meet the rocketing demand and declining domestic production, it is essential to build all the infrastructure possible to guarantee abundant supply for the next 20/30 years. Security is the first objective, then price. We present a detailed account of all pipelines, LNG terminals and storage sites describing their main characteristics. We also consider liquefaction plants. Though there is only one plant of this type in Europe, the others being found in the gas rich regions, they are of utmost importance for a balanced LNG chain.

Summing up our findings, 7,310 km of pipelines will probably be built in the next 10 years, taking into account only the major projects. We also look at numerous other cases of existing pipelines to be expanded and renewed to increase their transportation capacity. The same time horizon will see the construction of around 13 liquefaction plants which could supply Europe and 11 LNG receiving terminals. Though not complete, these figures give a good idea of the enormous effort that the world gas industry is facing to fully exploit natural resources to guarantee supply to Europe. To be finalised and operational this effort will require investment, international relations and technological developments. Moreover, it has a number of implications for gas prices.


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  1. The data of the analysed pipelines, regasification terminals and liquefaction plants refer only to the companies’ official website and press releases.Google Scholar
  2. For the storage infrastructures, due to the very high number of this type of facility in Europe (about 200), we used the Gas Infrastructure Europe data.Google Scholar

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