Parathyroid Carcinoma

  • Janice L. Pasieka
  • Moosa Khalil

26.11 Summary

Although parathyroid carcinoma is a rare disease, every surgeon who treats HPTH must have a comprehensive understanding of the clinical presentation, operative findings, and the pathological pitfalls of this disease. Surgical en bloc resection remains the treatment of choice and provides the only means of cure. The addition of external beam radiation therapy may provide better locoregional control in selected patients. Recent advances have increased our understanding of the molecular pathogenesis of this disease. It would appear that the HRPT2 gene plays an important role in the development of carcinoma, and provides a genetic marker for those patients at risk. Unlike other malignancies, parathyroid carcinoma rarely causes death by tumor spread; instead, death is usually a result of the complications arising from excessive PTH secretion. Therefore, palliative therapies directed at reducing the hypercalcemia and PTH secretion have been shown to benefit the patient suffering from this disease.


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