High-Throughput Probes for Near-Field Optics and Their Applications

  • T. Yatsui
  • M. Ohtsu
Part of the Springer Series in Optical Sciences book series (SSOS, volume 86)


Recent developments in near-field optical microscopy have made it possible to obtain optical images with nanometer-scale spatial resolution by scanning a fiber probe with a sub-wavelength aperture [1]. In attempts to improve performance in spatially resolved spectroscopy, a serious problem of the fiber probe is its low throughput (in the case of illumination-mode operation, the throughput is defined as the ratio of the output light power at the apex to the incident light power coupled into the fiber). The essential cause of the low throughput is the guiding loss along the metallized tapered core. Based on a mode analysis of the tapered core, we review our work to realize high-throughput probes.


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