A Two-Part Architectural Model as Basis for Frequency Converter Product Families

  • Hans Peter Jepsen
  • Flemming Nielsen
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 1951)


Frequency converters, as well as other embedded systems in the process control and measurement domains, are designed to perform continuous processing of input values and to produce and maintain corresponding output values. At the same time these systems have to react on events that reconfigure the processing algorithms. This paper will present an architectural model that separates the event handling and the continuous data processing and let the event handling part select, which of multiple control or output algorithms in the continuous processing part has to be the active algorithm. Finally it presents, how this architectural model has given raise to concrete architectural elements.


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  • Hans Peter Jepsen
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  • Flemming Nielsen
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  1. 1.Danfoss DrivesGraastenDenmark

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