CITYCLUSTER ”From the Renaissance to the Megabyte Networking Age” A Virtual Reality & High Speed Networking Project

  • Franz Fischnaller
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 2897)


CITYCLUSTER is a virtual-reality networking matrix, a high-tech container with original technological features, navigation and interactivity, graphic and content style. In which multiple environments, ambiences, cities both real and imagined, can be hosted, coexist and be interrelated within themselves through a common, virtual territory, interconnected by high-speed network, enabling remote participants to interact and collaborate in shared environments. The framework, may be expanded and modify in accordance of the environments to be incorporated. A Virtual networking interface display was designed ad hoc, as interactivity tool for the user. Visitors, navigating and interacting with avatars becomes protagonist, free citizen. Buildings can be exchanged between the two cities to thus create an ideal environment (urban setting). From the Renaissance to the Megabyte Networking Age, is the first CITYCLUSTER-VR application. The implementation of CC has given rise to a range of technological challenges. New features and enhancements were added to the YGdrasil software.


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