Service-Oriented Systems Engineering: Modeling Services and Layered Architectures

  • Manfred Broy
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 2767)


Based on the Focus theory of distributed systems (see [Broy, Stølen 01]) that are composed of interacting components we introduce a formal model of services and layered architectures. In FOCUS a component is a total behavior. In contrast, a service is a partial behavior. A layer in a layered architecture is a service with two service interfaces, an import and an export interface. A layered architecture is a stack of several layers. For this model of services and service layers we work out specification and design techniques for layers and layered architectures. Finally we discuss more specific aspects of layered architectures such as refinement and layer models in telecommunication.


Service Engineering Software Architecture Layered Architecture 


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  • Manfred Broy
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