Performance Analysis for Identification of (Sub-)Task-Level Parallelism in Java

  • Richard Stahl
  • Robert Paško
  • Luc Rijnders
  • Diederik Verkest
  • Serge Vernalde
  • Rudy Leuwereins
  • Francky Catthoor
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In the era of future embedded systems the designer is confronted with multiple processors both for performance and energy reasons. Exploiting (sub-)task-level parallelism is crucial when targeting those multi-processor systems, because ILP on itself is not sufficient.

The challenge is to build compiler tools which automatically explore potential (sub-)task parallelism in the programs, and allow designer to optimise it for the underlying architecture. To achieve this goal we are building a transformation framework which employs task-level analysis and code transformations to extract the parallelism from sequential object-oriented programs.

Parallel performance analysis is one of the crucial techniques for estimation of the transformation effects and their optimisation. We have implemented support for performance analysis and profiling of Java programs. The toolkit comprises automated instrumentation, parallel profiling and post-processing analysis. We demonstrate its usability on three realistic applications.


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  • Richard Stahl
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  • Robert Paško
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  • Luc Rijnders
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  • Diederik Verkest
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  • Serge Vernalde
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  • Rudy Leuwereins
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  • Francky Catthoor
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