Matching Algorithms in Alternative File-Sharing Systems to Find New Users Having New Content

  • Jürgen Nützel
Conference paper
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The distribution of new content in the Internet is simple and cheap. Even the consumers can act as distributors. Many peer-to-peer (P2P) systems show this effect dramatically. This happens in conflict with the traditional view of the content owners. Their business models do not accept users with equal re-distribution capabilities. We provide for the publishers of music and other virtual goods an alternative system which allows the users to play an active distribution part. Our approach which is called Potato System motivates the users to re-distribute content they have paid for and earn money with it. The Potato System pays for any re-distributed file a defined percentage on commission. This allows a fast distribution of new content. We added a matching functionality to the system. This functionality called Potato Match calculates a recommendation based on the files a user has paid for. Potato Match provides not a list of digital products; it provides a list of users. Potato Match supports users in two ways. It helps to find other users who share new content. And it assists those users who want to re-distribute content. The Potato System provides its own P2P clients which contact a central web-service to receive the needed matching information. At the end of the paper a distributed user matching functionally is discussed.


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