Differential-Absorption Measurements With Fixed-Frequency IR and UV Lasers

  • K. W. Rothe
  • H. Walther
  • J. Werner
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The growing necessity of pollution monitoring and control has been recognized in recent years. The well-established chemical methods in widespread use suffer from a major drawback in that they only allow point monitoring measurements, which in many cases is not sufficient. Laser techniques do not have this disadvantage since they can determine the mean concentration of a species not only over a certain path length but also over a certain area or volume. In addition, pulsed high-power lasers can be used together with the differential-absorption technique to obtain a complete range-resolved map of the distribution of a species over fairly large distances or areas. Furthermore, it is of interest to compare observed distributions of gaseous components with theoretical models. This allows evaluation of the diffusion parameters and the total mass emission of a source, these obviously being key quantities for determining the environmental impact.


Stimulate Raman Scattering Laser Technique Lidar Measurement XeCl Laser XeCl Excimer Laser 
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  • K. W. Rothe
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  • H. Walther
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  • J. Werner
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  1. 1.Sektion PhysikUniversität MünchenGarchingFed. Rep. of Germany
  2. 2.Max-Planck-Institut für QuantenoptikGarchingWest Germany

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