Theories of Accommodation

  • Sami G. El Hage
  • Yves Le Grand
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The hypothesis of a change of curvature of the cornea was refuted by Young (1801) by measurements of the image reflected by the cornea and because of persistence of accommodation when the eye is immersed in water. Lengthening of the eye, by pressure of the lateral muscles when there is binocular convergence, was proposed by Buffon (1749). Young refuted this hypothesis by a delicate experiment, which was hardly conclusive, using pressure phosphene. Absence of a slight lengthening is not proved; lengthening could contribute to an explanation of a weak remaining accommodation sometimes found in aphakic persons, even though an explanation closer to truth would be use of the aberrations of the eye. It is also possible that a slight change of the cornea occurs in certain subjects(El Hage 1969).


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