Dressed Atom Approach to Line Broadening

  • D. Pritchard
  • B. Walkup
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When a two state atom is placed in an optical field whose frequency w is near the atom’s resonant frequency ω0, the atom cycles rapidly between its ground and excited states (|g> and |e> respectively). It is often more convenient — both mathematically and physically — to describe this system in terms of the dressed states |w(t)> and |s(t)>, i.e.
$$|\psi >= {a_w}(t)|w(t) > + {a_s}(t)|s(t) > $$
where aw and as are time independent in the absence of perturbations other than the oscillatory field. The fact that |w(t)> and |s(t)> are time dependent coherent superpositions of |g> and |e> is reflected in the notation.


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