Infrared-Microwave Double Resonance Spectroscopy of Tetrahedral Molecules Using a Tunable Diode Laser

  • M. Takami
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A tetrahedral molecule has a vibrationally induced dipole moment in its triply degenerate vibrational state [1,2]. This dipole moment allows a pure rotational transition among the rotational manifold of the triply degenerate vibration. Such transitions have been observed in CH4[3], SiH4[4] and GeH4[5] by infrared-microwave double resonance. Because the lasers used in these previous works could not be tuned over a wide frequency range, however, the experiments had to rely upon accidental coincidences of the molecular absorption lines and laser frequencies.


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  1. 1.The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research WakoSaitama 351Japan

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