Alignment Effects in Optogalvanic Spectroscopy

  • P. Hannaford
  • G. W. Series
Part of the Springer Series in Optical Sciences book series (SSOS, volume 30)


The principles of optogalvanic spectroscopy were recalled for us by Dr. Lawler at Rottach-Egern [1]. More recently, he has published an analysis of the mechanism for a discharge in helium [2]. The essentials of the technique are recalled in fig. 1. The current in a gas discharge is monitored while the discharge is irradiated with light. As the frequency of the light is tuned across some characteristic frequency of the atoms of the gas, changes may be detected in the discharge current. In favourable cases these changes provide a very sensitive monitor of the resonance, so that spectra may be plotted by recording the current as a function of the frequency of the light.


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  2. 2.On leave from CSIRODivision of Chemical PhysicsClayton 3168Australia

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