4. Applications

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Part of the Lecture Notes in Mathematics book series (LNM, volume 1808)


  • 4.1 Central Definitions, Theorems and Facts

  • 4.2 Equidistribution on the Grassmannian Manifold and Chirotopes

  • 4.3 Conjugation-invariant Probability Measures on Compact Connected Lie Groups

  • 4.4 Conjugation-invariant Probability Measures on SO(n)

  • 4.5 Conjugation-invariant Probability Measures on SO(3)

  • 4.6 The Theorem of Iwasawa and Invariant Measures on Lie Groups

  • 4.7 QR-Decomposition on GL(n)

  • 4.8 Polar Decomposition on GL(n)

  • 4.9 O(n)-invariant Borel measures on Pos(n)

  • 4.10 Biinvariant Borel Measures on GL(n)

  • 4.11 Symmetries on Finite Spaces

Mathematics Subject Classification (2000):

28C10 65C10 62B05 22E99 


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