Type-1 Fuzzy Logic

  • Patricia Melin
  • Oscar Castillo
Part of the Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing book series (STUDFUZZ, volume 172)


This chapter introduces the basic concepts, notation, and basic operations for the type-1 fuzzy sets that will be needed in the following chapters. Type-2 fuzzy sets as well as their operations will be discussed in the next chapter. For this reason, in this chapter we will focus only on type-1 fuzzy logic. Since research on fuzzy set theory has been underway for over 30 years now, it is practically impossible to cover all aspects of current developments in this area. Therefore, the main goal of this chapter is to provide an introduction to and a summary of the basic concepts and operations that are relevant to the study of type-1 fuzzy sets. We also introduce in this chapter the definition of linguistic variables and linguistic values and explain how to use them in type-1 fuzzy rules, which are an efficient tool for quantitative modeling of words or sentences in a natural or artificial language. By interpreting fuzzy rules as fuzzy relations, we describe differentschemes of fuzzy reasoning, where inference procedures based on the concept of the compositional rule of inference are used to derive conclusions from a set of fuzzy rules and known facts. Fuzzy rules and fuzzy reasoning are the basic components of fuzzy inference systems, which are the most important modeling tool, based on fuzzy set theory.


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