Orpheus – Universal Reconnaissance Teleoperated Robot

  • Ludek Zalud
Conference paper
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Orpheus mobile robot is a teleoperated device primarily designed for remote exploration of hazardous places and rescue missions. The robot is able to operate both indoors and outdoors, is made to be durable and reliable. The robot is remotely operated with help of visual telepresence. The device is controlled through advanced user interface with joystick and head mounted display with inertial head movement sensor. The functionality and reliability of the system was tested on Robocup Rescue League 2003 world championship in Italy where our team placed on 1st place.


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  • Ludek Zalud
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Control and Instrumentation, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and CommuniacationBrno University of TechnologyBrnoCzech Republic

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