On Modeling MPEG Video at the Frame Level Using Self-Similar Processes

  • José C. López-Ardao
  • Pablo Argibay-Losada
  • Raúl F. Rodriguez-Rubio
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MPEG video traffic is expected to represent most of the load in the future high-speed networks. Adequate traffic models for MPEG Variable Bit-Rate (VBR) video are thus important for network design, performance evaluation, admission control and resource allocation.

Many models for VBR video traffic have been proposed in the literature. However, while the GOP-level process has been widely analyzed in literature, and so the inter-GOP correlation, little effort has been devoted up to now to the frame-level processes, and so to the intra-GOP correlations, even though it is a fundamental characteristic of MPEG traffic and it might have an important impact on queueing performance.

In this work, we compare different solutions proposed in the literature to obtain MPEG frame-level processes, depending on the performance metric to study (loss rate, mean delay and jitter). Besides, we claim for the use of self-similar processes, and more concretely, Gaussian F-ARIMA(1,d,0) processes, to adequately capture the correlation structures involved in MPEG video.


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  • José C. López-Ardao
    • 1
  • Pablo Argibay-Losada
    • 1
  • Raúl F. Rodriguez-Rubio
    • 1
  1. 1.Telematics Engineering Department, ETSET TelecomunicacionUniversity of Vigo (Spain)VigoSpain

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