Model Based Formal Verification of Distributed Production Control Systems

  • Martin Kardos
  • Franz-J. Rammig
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 3147)


The design of software for distributed production control systems (DPCS) is an error prone task. Ensuring the correctness of the design at the earliest stage possible is a major challenge in any software development process. In this context, formal verification is a very appealing approach in addition to simulation and testing, since it implies an exhaustive exploration of all possible behaviours of a system. In this paper, we present an approach towards model based formal verification for DPCS by means of model checking. The presented work is a part of the ISILEIT project that aims at the development of a seamless methodology for the integrated design, analysis and validation of distributed production control systems.

A prerequisite for model based formal verification is the existence of a formal model of the designed system. According to the ISILEIT design methodology a system is specified and modelled using an integrative specification language that combines modeling concepts taken from two different specification languages, namely the UML and the SDL languages. However, supporting formal verification for such a heterogeneous language implies requirements on formal unification and semantic integration of the adopted modeling concepts. In our approach the Abstract State Machines (ASM) formalism represents the formal platform for the unification and semantic integration. We show how the ASMs, in particular the AsmL language, have been successfully applied for creating a rigorous unified semantic model that integrates the semantics of UML State Machines, SDL Block Diagrams and Story Diagrams which form the core of the integrative specification language used in ISILEIT.

Besides the integration purpose, the ASMs serve as a basis for the application of model checking techniques. Therefore, the rest of the paper presents the work on adoption of state-of-the-art model checking techniques in order to support model checking of the ASM (AsmL) models.


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  • Martin Kardos
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  • Franz-J. Rammig
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  1. 1.Heinz Nixdorf InstituteDesign of Parallel SystemsPaderbornGermany

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