An Exact Reliability Block Diagram Calculation Tool to Design Very Complex Systems

  • Mehmet Şahinoglu
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 3026)


In this study, the novel ERBDC method is introduced as a tool both to compute exact (s-t) reliability for a network, which is important in the design of even moderately sized networks, and to redesign an existing network. This talk examines very complex network designs or imbedded systems such as in the topology of an Internet service grid or a chip design for calculating s-node (source) to t-node (target) availability. The ERBDC method is a tool which reduces any complex system to a series reliability block diagram, by first finding all existing paths and then trimming all the redundant or protruding component duplications through an algorithm to finally calculate an exact reliability, favorably compared to conventionally employed upper bound calculations (theoretically feasible but practically infeasible) with respect to path set and cut set formulations. All node to node availabilities are calculated. Then, weaker node to node paths are then reinforced and the resulting network designs are compared to the original ones in terms of node to node availability.

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  • Mehmet Şahinoglu
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  1. 1.Fellow SDPS, Senior Member IEEE, ASA, Elected ISI Member, Eminent Scholar & Chairman-Professor of Department of Computer & Information ScienceTroy State University Montgomery

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