Introducing the Next Generation of Software Inspection Tools

  • Henrik Hedberg
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The area of tool support for software inspection has been under active research since the early 1990’s. Although numerous implementations exist and development is still taking place, no tool has achieved a break-through. The main reason is that one tool usually demonstrates only one new idea, neglecting other features. A different approach must be taken, and software inspection tools should be seen as integral parts of the development environment. This paper categorises the existing tools into four generations based on the transition from traditional meeting support to asynchronous distributed inspections implemented with web technologies. Based on the analysis of 16 tools and our experiences, we summarize the most important features and add two new aspects to be notified when implementing the next generation of inspection tools for use in modern software development, flexibility and integration. The major focus is on comprehension, and we have taken the first steps at achieving this.


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