How to Assess the Quality of Measurement Tools? - A General Introduction



After defining the social capital measurement model via stepwise discussion of the current social capital theories (see Chapters 2-6) and before introducing the analyzed studies (Chapter 8) and the collective assets of Czech society that influence the level and structure of social capital (Chapter 9) as well as before presenting the results of the analyses regarding the quality of the measurements of social capital in the Czech context (Chapters 10-12), we will introduce indicators of measurement quality. We start with the assets necessary to draw a highquality sample followed by quality factors of the measurements. We define objectivity, different forms of reliability and validity and formalize their assessment via statistical procedures and structural equation modeling. Measurement quality is also influenced by respondents' characteristics, and therefore, we will discuss them.


Social Capital Confirmatory Factor Analysis Convergent Validity Measurement Instrument Internal Consistency Reliability 
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