Performance Measurements and Optimizations

  • Uwe Glässer
Part of the TEUBNER-TEXTE zur Informatik book series (TTZI, volume 3)


The current prototype implementation of the parallel FCP machine comprises about 13.000 lines of Par.C code not including the evaluation tools. The performance measurements have been carried out on a Parsytec Supercluster using Par.C System Version 1.22 [Parsec89]. The hardware platform is a fully reconfigurable Transputer system architecture. The present system offers network configurations with up to 320 T800 Transputer nodes, each of which has direct access to 4 MB local RAM. A system of this kind consists of 20 clusters each containing 16 processors together with a 96 × 96 crossbar switch. In a second stage of the network, 8 switches connect 32 external edges of each cluster. A detailed description of the hardware system architecture is presented in [Funke92].


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