Examples and Potential Applications of LIGA Components in Micro-Optics

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The miniaturization of passive optical components such as lenses or prisms with dimensions of several micrometers up to a few millimeters calls more and more for novel manufacturing techniques for optical components. One possibility is offered by the LIGA technique which by combination of X-ray lithography, electroforming and molding allows such components to be manufactured in any two-dimensional shape, structural heights up to several 100 micrometers with very smooth and vertical side walls, in polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), which is transparent in the visible and near IR-regions, as well as in metal. Such components are applied in 3D-microoptical assemblies combined with other hybrid-integrated optical elements. In addition, compact and efficient coupling elements have been built for use with multimode glass fibers. Besides, in a light guiding resist multilayer both simple light guiding components and more complex structures such as a planar grating spectrograph are manufactured with small attenuation losses. Multimode fibers are coupled in an optimum way via integrated fiber fixing grooves.


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