Replication of Microrelief Structures for Diffractive and Integrated Optics

Part of the TEUBNER-TEXTE zur Physik book series (TTZP)


The replication of submicron surface relief structures into polymers by hot embossing or moulding techniques is being developed for applications in microoptics, diffractive optics and integrated optics. Microstructures of interest have typical linewidths between 100 nm and 5 m, and are fabricated by holographic techniques and by direct laser and e-beam writing lithography. Nickel shims are then generated by electroplating and combined to produce replication shims of up to 20×30 cm2 in size. The deposition of dielectric material onto embossed polymer sheet is being investigated for applications as diffractive security features and in integrated optics. The direct embossing of single-mode polymer waveguide films on glass substrates has also been demonstrated and shows great promise for the low cost fabrication of integrated optical components.


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