Arbeitsmarktbedingungen für hochqualifizierte Arbeitskräfte im östlichen Ruhrgebiet

  • Michael Franck


Die Festlegung einer Arbeitsmarktregion ist keine leichte Aufgabe. Drei grundlegende methodologische Ansätze werden unter Regionalökonomen diskutiert: “Homogeneous regions, defined in terms of unifying characteristics, and where internal differences and intra-regional interactions are considered unimportant; nodal (or polarized) regions, with little concern for uniformity but where the cohesiveness is the result of internal flows, contacts and interdependencies usually polarized towards a dominant centre or node; and planning (or programming) regions, where the unity derives from political or administrative control, or where the region is an ad hoc area over which a specific set of policy instruments or programmes apply” (RICHARDSON 1978, S. 19)


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