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Integrierte Gesamtbanksteuerung

  • Holger Spielberg
  • Daniel Sommer
  • Henning Dankenbring


Bankgeschäft betreiben heißt, Erträge durch die kalkulierte Übernahme und das Management von Risiken zu erwirtschaften:

Most businesses shun risk... they try and pass on their financial risk to others so that they can concentrate on making and selling their products. To succeed, however, financial firms must seek out risk. In nearly all their business, by being able to separate well-priced from under-priced risks, they can prosper. By avoiding all risk, however, they cease to be financial firms at all and will wither away.1


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  • Holger Spielberg
  • Daniel Sommer
  • Henning Dankenbring

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