Dynamics in Service Quality Perceptions — A Longitudinal Approach to Evaluate the Outcome Dimension in Service Quality Perceptions

  • Claudia Klausegger
  • Dieter Scharitzer
Part of the Focus Dienstleistungsmarketing book series (FDM)


During the past decade much conceptual and empirical research has been done regarding customers’ perceptions of process- and outcome-related dimensions of services. In analyzing a number of empirical studies, we noticed that most of the research designs were based on cross-sectional measurement approaches. Those attempts usually neglect the potential dynamics in the customers’ evaluation of the services delivered over time.

This article presents the results of an empirical longitudinal project based on data collected at two different points in time. In our research an ex-post evaluation of the educational quality of an Austrian Business College was done by means of importance and performance ratings from the students’ point of view at two different times after finishing the undergraduate course.


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  • Claudia Klausegger
  • Dieter Scharitzer

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