In 1954 efforts at a new penal code for Austria that had been going on for more than a century were taken up again. These efforts led to a draft of a penal law commission, to two drafts of the Ministry of Justice, to a government bill of 1968 (one-party government of the ÖVP — the Austrian People’s Party —) and finally to the government bill of 1971 (one-party government of the SPÖ — the Socialist Party of Austria —). In the course of the development of the matter up to 1968 essential achievements of the reform efforts were abandoned. The government bill of 1971, however, is in many ways more open to reforms than the former drafts of the penal law commission. The West German alternative draft of 1966 and the two Reform Acts of 1969 had some influence on the 1971 bill but were not copied.


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