Media Companies — Organising for Global Industry Leadership

  • Andrej Vizjak
  • Andreas Spiegel


Competitive forces are changing radically in the new economy. This can especially be seen in the media industry where new digital technologies are reshaping the entire industry structure. Multi-usage of contents enabled by digitalisation and the related separation of content and format not only require a new perspective on the external organisation and subsequent concentration on eco-systems but also a new perspective on the internal organisation. A shift from traditional organisational concepts can trigger tremendous competitive advantages and we consider this to be a key variable for profitable growth through content leverage. Forward-looking media industry leaders already initiated transformation processes in the nineties and they expect to attain global industry leadership soon. However, many other traditional media companies need to gear up their alignment activities to catch up with the rest.


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  • Andrej Vizjak
  • Andreas Spiegel

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