Fabrikarchitektur: Begriffsbestimmung, Vorläufer

  • Christoph Bertsch


Nikolaus Pevsner sieht in „A History of Building Types“69 zwei Möglichkeiten der Herleitung des Begriffs ‚Fabrik‘, wenn er schreibt: „A Factory (…) is a building of some size in which products are made in some quantity. It is not necessary, according to this definition, for the products to be made with the help of machines, although they mostly are. The word as used today is an illogical reduction of manufactory with the ‚manu‘ forgotten about. But factory without ‚manu‘ has also a different derivation. The factor was a commercial agent, and the factory thus a ‚trading station‘, i.e. a building for storage, wholesale trade and dwellings.“70


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