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Empirical design

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In the previous chapters, the issues of defining brand strength, measuring brand strength and brand strength formation have been addressed, using a number of theories and findings from many areas in research about consumer behavior, advertising and psychology. Besides a systematic discussion of the many ways to measure the strength of a brand, the major result of this work so far is the development of a conceptual, situative model to assess the impact of experiential information on brand strength formation. Generally, very few attempts have been made in the past to empirically study the formation of brand strength. This study probably is the first in this field to address the impact of consumer experience on brand strength. Therefore, the nature of the chosen approach also is a bit “exploratory” in nature, since the tested model is kept rather simple (only one source of information, no mediators). However, aiming at providing empirical evidence rich in content, causal analysis is used in order to test the relationships between the model’s constructs.


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